We provide a clear and professional answer to your most frequently asked questions concerning your oak outdoor kitchen or outdoor furniture.

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    • Wood distortion – what does that mean?

      The outdoor kitchen is made of oak, a natural material that reacts to its environment. Choosing wood means choosing the charm and character of a living natural product with warmth, character, beauty and authenticity.

      Wood can distort due to changes in air humidity and temperature fluctuations. This can cause the wood to swell and shrink, warp or crack. Discolouration can also occur if the wood is exposed to sunlight. We also strongly advise against covering it continuously with an airtight cover.

    • How can I best protect my wooden outdoor kitchen?

      Want the best protection for your outdoor kitchen? We recommend protective treatment with a high-quality exterior wood oil that penetrates deeply. This product can be purchased from us and protects the wood without causing it to lose its natural colour.

    • how do I care for a granite countertop?

      Granite countertops are treated in our workshop with an impregnating agent (sealant). All that is required after that is to apply a sealant once a year.

      Cleaning with rinse water is sufficient to keep the countertop clean and maintain it properly. We recommend using a mild household cleaning agent for daily cleaning and minor spills.

      Steel wool, corrosive products or alkaline or chlorine-based cleaning agents should not be used. Never use abrasives! Granite countertops must not come into contact with strong acids or chemicals.

      Nor are they impact-resistant: they can crack, split or even break. The edges are especially vulnerable.

      So always use a cutting board and place hot pans on a trivet.